Schult, J. (2008). The influence of social capital and tolerance on democratic performance (Master thesis). Catholic University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium.

Materials on Schult (2008)

Johannes says: "Structural equation modelling..."


Version: V1
Data analysis finished: 2008-08-22
Thesis published: 2012-02-28
Replication files published: 2013-06-05
Software used: Stata 10, LISREL 8.8

Some structural equation models were analyzed using LISREL after a few data management steps performed with Stata.

The complete analysis is described in my thesis. LISREL input files along with the Stata do-file are listed in the appendix. The raw data - the European Values Study (EVS) - are available via the World Values Survey.



V1: 2013-06-05


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Last updated: 2013-06-05